Thursday, 16 July 2015

Our Services in UAE - 20% Offer for Villas.

UAE  Ants There are many different types of ants in UAE and many of them are more a nuisance than anything. However, pockets of areas in UAE have ‘Fire Ants’. If you feel that the ants in your home are fire ants, please stay well away from them and their nests and give us a call immediately. A bite from these ants will cause server pain and possibly death.

Rats and Mice - We remove both rats and mice in commercials and Residentials. Both Rats and Mice can cause major damage to your home. They chew through just about anything and tend to have a love for wires on your roof. This is not only expensive to fix, but also dangerous as it can cause a house fire.

American & German Cockroaches - Cockroaches usually hang around due to the availability of food. Make sure all foods are sealed and packed away after consumption. A cockroaches can lay 100′s of eggs and those baby cockroaches take a few months to mature and they too lay eggs. If you spot cockroaches around the kitchen or cupboards, make sure you remove them immediately as failure to do so will eventually lead to cockroach infestation.

Pigeons - Pigeons can be a major problem in UAE. Yes they are cute to look and but most wild pigeons carry fleas and lice. Both fleas and lice and make it’s way to your pets and little children. Pigeons also leave unwanted mess around your home. If you have pigeon problems, give us a call.

Other pests - we also remove Mosquitos, Spiders, Bees, Carpet Beetles, Fleas, Lies, Lice, Mites, Silverfish and Wasps across UAE.